A Stokes Croft wall over the years

A while back i was very kindly sent some old graf photos by Mr KRS, who has also been excellent enough to dig in his memory for places and dates for them. There’s loads of good stuff in there, but thought I would start with this one, as i remember it well and was sad when it was gone.

The wall’s down on Stokes Croft, across and just up from Niche Frames/Pieminister for those that know it, across and just down from the Stokes Croft end of City Road for those that don’t.

This is what it looks like today, hidden away behind cars, bins and general detritus, wouldn’t pay it a second glance really.


This is what it used to look like in the summer of 1997, a random message, but apparently may have been connected to the punk/hardcore band Nosebleed, who were connected to the Resistrance free party people.


After that one, appeared this. Remember it appearing, it was done one weekend in, I think, the late summer or Autumn of 2000. Mr KRS reckons it was there for a while, whilst it stuck in my mind as one that didn’t last too long before being painted out, presumably by the council, as the building it’s on currently has an unknown owner and the council’s trying to put a compulsory purchase order on it.


Never know how easy it is to clean off one layer of paint and leave others, but this one may just be worth it.


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4 responses to “A Stokes Croft wall over the years

  1. I remember the NOSEBLEED graffiti, was it really that long ago? Oh my, how time flies

  2. iyers

    The Banksy was only there for a day or so – not surprising given it’s next to a paint shop! I didn’t have a camera at the time so i’m glad someone got a shot of it…

  3. Bilko

    Yep, the NOSEBLEED was up for a while and those little red arrows that appeared all over the place – apparently pointing us to a larger scale piece… never found it though.

    And the monkeys were up for way more than a day… I remember them well.

  4. bristolgraffiti

    See I thought the monkeys weren’t there too long too, think it was around the time a lot of pieces got destroyed. More than a day, but no more than a few months i don’t think, if that.

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