Surrey Street, St Pauls

You’d think there would be more down here than there is, just around the corner from Cosies and all, but there’s not much at the moment. This little stencil amused me though. Such an obvious joke, but never actually seen anyone put it up anywhere before.


Hoping to put up some old school Banksy goodness during the week by the way, watch this space.


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2 responses to “Surrey Street, St Pauls

  1. Never really seen much actually on Surrey Street, but then it is something of a no man’s land – a destination for a few office workers during the day, a feeder road for the punters and pros mornings, lunchtimes and evenings, a rat run for the junkies 24/7.

    But the boneyard sandwiched between Surrey Street and Wilder Street occasionally has some interesting bits. Even the adolescent scrawls can be fun, detailing the intrigues of teenage relationships and implausible geographical conflicts. Apparently we’ve been ‘done’ by Horfield 😀

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Wandered past that at the time, but didn’t think to have much of a look at it, may have to head back. Think somewhere else I saw as been represented upon by the Horfield massive too, can’t think where though.

    Would love to see some ‘Henleaze Massive’ tags some day…

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