Pembroke Road, Clifton

It’s odd, there’s actually been lots of graf round clifton over the years, but it tends to be limited to worked out pieces, especially stencils, so you don’t see much, but what you do see can be good. Clifton had a lot of Banksy’s in at one point, but most of them are gone now. A jaunt up Pembroke Road still brings you to one though, just.

This is technically on Clifton Park, but just where it meets Pembroke Road, and given i doubt there’s much else on Clifton Park, may as well cover it here.

It’s one of the old barcode stencils from around 99/00 i think, remember one appearing in Banksy’s usual spot on Jamaica Street around that time. It’s not a bad photo by the way, it really is that faded now.


Just along from it is this charming yet amusing image. Very postmodern.


and you know what, you can walk all the way up Pembroke Road to the Downs and see hardly anything else. The only thing worth spotting, and even then tenuously, is this little red heart, stenciled on a gatepost.


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