Target electronics

As i mentioned in the post yesterday, the front of target electronics down the bottom of Stokes Croft was redone last night, and managed to get down there today to get a photo of it. Nothing immediately spectacular, but actually a real grower the more you look at it. Is it just me seeing a negative image of Stokes Croft there?



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7 responses to “Target electronics

  1. I saw it yesterday (had to console some auld fella outside – “where’ve they gone?!” Erm, I’m afraid they closed down a few months back… *Ashen faced pensioner*), I really rather like it, touch of the Tony Hart’s about it 😀

  2. Bilko

    Better image of the finished piece – the previous link is to the canvas version.

    Target Electronics - Light-trails on the Croft

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Cool, cheers both, not had the time to get down there and take one myself. Glad to have got a photo of a work in progress then i guess! It’s pretty darn sweet…

  4. As a finished piece its really outstanding, I called Acerone to tell him how good I thought it was and he explained that it is a image of Stokes Croft how fitting is that!

  5. This is my favourite bit of graffiti in Bristol at the minute. Waited around in the rain ages the other day for a car to move so I could get a pic. Still looks fantastic.

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