Back from the smoke

Was in London today meeting a few friends and acquaintances, some graf related, some not, but saw some stuff that I thought would be of interest.  Found out some other stuff that will be of interest to cover here later in the year, but here’s the present day for now.

Walked past the site of the covered over ‘Banksy Rivington Street Rat‘ and saw it for myself. Those boards really are huge. If they’re taking it, they’re taking the ‘Banksy TV being thrown out of the painted window‘ too. Who knows how you remove that much of a building safely.


Further down the street dropped into the Forster Gallery. Had heard rumours, but was gutted to see how the Xenz piece there, done on some huge boards next to the Gallery for his show, had been tagged over. I know this has been a debate on this blog and beyond recently,  but here’s an interesting example.

A large percentage of the people at the show’s opening night asked about buying these boards, to be told they were up for auction for a prostate cancer charity. A blind auction was very publically held for them and i understand ended with a five figure sum. The boards have since been largely tagged over, and the winning bidder is understandably a little concerned with his ‘prize’.  Very good people are now trying hard to sort this situation out, but there’s a reasonable chance to think that this tagging might just have cost a charity a large amount of money. Let’s hope the taggers never get prostate cancer hey?

The tag on the left says ‘smart crew’. I hear the original artist found this name ironic.


Another shot, Smart Crew tag behind the tree.


This piece was truly awesome, London burning. Now the St Stephen’s Tower part of it has been tagged too.


A smaller tag at the end of the piece.


See, i think if a piece is about to get a prostate cancer charity a lot of money, destroying it through tagging is a bad thing to do. Prostate cancer is classless, so should this be.

On a happier note, i fleetingly saw the front of Target Electronics off Stokes Croft, that previously had a nice piece on it, getting redone earlier tonight. Will try and get down tomorrow to check it out.


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9 responses to “Back from the smoke

  1. cord(tm)

    Thats a pisstake. Loved that piece, hopefully Xenz will be nice enough to replicate it. Shows what amazing effects you can get from just a spray can.

    Thought the Target Electronics piece was quite clever, untill the attack of the flyers. Only saw it once before they appeared.

  2. In a way, I feel that the added destruction of the boards itself shows how London is being “destroyed”… They should have noted on the boards that this was auctioned for Charity.. Graffiti artists would have respect that if they knew…

  3. bristolgraffiti

    I didn’t think of that irony in destroying the boards actually, but maybe…

    And yeah, they probably should have put a sign up asking people not to tag them, but then it seems there’s bound to be someone who would do it anyway.

  4. Lee

    Seriously how are folks meant to know why those boards are there and what is gonna happn to them? Whoever organised the boards could have bothered to laminate a couple of signs and stick them up. Moaning about taggers tagging things is like moaning about the sun shining; utterly pointless as that is what they do.

  5. bristolgraffiti

    Know what you mean, they definitely should have made that clearer, said that above, schoolboy error.

    But the point remains that the taggers have destroyed something better than they’ve done in return here. If they didn’t realise the charity thing, then fair enough, it does look like a graf wall. But surely if you’re gonna go over someone else’s work, then you’ve gotta have a reason for it and think you’re better than it. These guys clearly aren’t better than xenz from what they’ve shown. By a long way.

    It’s not really an argument in defense of something to say ‘that’s what those sort of people do’ is it? Not wanting to invoke Godwin’s law, but ‘moaning about nazis exterminating untermenchen is like moaning about the sun shining, utterly pointless as that is what they do’ sounds pretty silly doesn’t it?

    Sure tagging is hugely less worrying than the nazis, but you can’t justify something only because someone’s descriptive name defines their activities.

  6. lee

    That’s very true. How about this then: Xenz work is different from their work in that it is a legal mural. It isn’t a piece as it doesn’t have letters (from the photos you have up) and as such isn’t something the average bomber will have any connection with. As it isn’t “graffiti” in the minds of the bombers (as in it is done legally and has no letters) then tagging on it is fair game; the “rules” of being better to go over doesn’t apply in their minds as to them it isn’t graffiti in the first place. The trouble with graffiti, aerosol art and street art is that not everyone that practises one genre of it feels any comraderie with others that practise other genres even if those other genres feel comraderie with them!

  7. andy

    Smart crew hail from NYC and they are light years ahead of Xenz in every meaningful facet of graffiti, which includes shoplifting.

    Xenz is a former art student who uses spraypaint outside sometimes

  8. andy

    but were they right to write their name on artwork that was subsequently being auctioned for charity? no.
    should said artwork have been left outside where any cunt could take a drunken piss on it? of course not

  9. andy

    if i sound conceited its because i am

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