Charles Street, Bristol

Seems like a while since i’ve covered an entire street in a way. This constant rain isn’t helping in going out and getting more photos certainly, but got a fair backlog to share with you, so not worried yet…

Charles Street is another of those Bristol streets that probably used to be something far more than it now is, thanks to bombing, the council in the 1960’s and recent redevelopment. You’d miss it these days if you didn’t have reason to go down it, but if you’re down Stokes Croft or near the bus station, take a look.

At the bus station end of it, there are some boards with a fair bit of work on, part of the PRSC project i imagine.


A nice piece by Sepr, this dood’s pieces haven’t seemed to last too long generally, which is a shame.


No idea what this all is, but like it.


Close up on the above. If there’s a Brian Blessed Sonic Attack Force out there, then i want membership!


Take a simple idea, repeat it hundreds of times, and it works. Nice one.


Not graf, but it took me years to find, so thought would share it. Charles Wesley‘s old house, worth a wander round on open doors day i reckon, even if the rooms are surprisingly small.


Know i said I’m not a fan of tagging, but had to include this, as the Gink was probably the first writer i ever met, many many years ago. Asked him why he called himself it once, and he just said ‘Cos i’m the Gink dood’. Top bloke, not seen him for ages sadly.


Another Killer ghost. Something quite mournful about this one.

UPDATE: In fact, this is the photo that led to Killer and these ghosts wrongly getting tied up with each other. They’re not, in fact, by Killer.


At the other end of the street, on the side of the now shut King Charles pub (such a shame when an old pub closes down) was this massive chinese dragon in red. Only got painted over recently, and could have sworn i got a photo of it before it was, but can’t find it anywhere.


So for reference, here’s one in black that’s still there, up on Portland Street in Cotham.


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  1. Chinese boyfriend says those are “temple dogs” rather than dragons. Thought they were dragons too, go figure.

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