Graffle night review

So tonight was the Graffle draw night, and they’d certainly done well in the final choice of venue! Posh as you like, and a window outside had pleasingly been expertly decorated by Mr Jago. My camera did two shots of this, not sure which is better to be honest, so here’s the flash and non flash versions…

No flash…


With flash, watch the yellows turn to white…


The VIP buffet had some pretty damn good food to be honest (yes, that’s a sausage stuffed with creamy mash)


So started off with checking out the actual pieces on display. Here’s the Nick Walker ‘Morning After – Bristol’ print…


Room was so tight that there was only a table for a Dicy original, a Pam Glew, a Mr H, and a Tristan Manco signed ‘street sketchbook‘ (if you haven’t bought this book yet, then do…)


The Mudwig (right) and Dicy (left) prints on display. Both some of the top’er prizes to my mind.


Where to start? China Mike, a Mr Jago original, two Failes and Yakahead.


The main stage, with tombola and prints ready to be won. Respect to Niche Frames for their excellent framing job on the Nick Walker, again done for charity. Top people.


Close up of the Nick Walker. Other people have photos of the man himself next to this, will find and share soon.


The Banksy ‘Stop and Search’ Studio Proof. You wouldn’t believe the degree of sloaney pony they had posing next to this, grinning and holding Graffle tickets, for the purposes of Sky and ITN news. If you’re going to run a story, just include the people involved in it, don’t import people with little clue, surely?


Motorboy’s piece, like it…


This whole process has been characterised by things changing the whole time. So no surprise to turn up and find a Nick Walker decorated snow board as now part of the prizes.


The ‘VIP’ buffet was pretty busy from the off. Did think of doing this piece as a ‘Hello’ style photo story about which famous graf and street artists who were there hanging out with who. But that would have sucked. Safe to say, lots of the Bristol Crew were represented, in many ways.


So first they auctioned off the Nick Waker ‘Moona Lisa’ print, £1050 was the final price, top auctioneer, worked the crowd a treat.


The crowd ‘look on’ with anticipation for the (g)raffle…


Dom and the lady from Fairbridge ran the show, Dom drawing the lots, the good lady drawing the winner, from am oddly huge stockpot, it must be said.


So here’s two videos of two draws. The first one is of the Mr Jago lot. If you won this, please let me know. We should talk. Thanks.

The second is for the lot of the night by most people’s standards, the Banksy studio proof, and you know what, i just can’t get the video to embed, so here’s the link for it in a new window instead…

Overall, it was an awesome night. The food was brilliant, the DJ’s were top, and the vibe was great (save for the occasional sloane in body warmer)

Dom the organiser has started something special here, we should help him continue…

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