Pro-cathedral Lane, Bristol – Part 2

So, as promised, here’s the second half of the graf stuffed museum like alley of Pro-cathedral lane!

A transformers style robot with the legend ‘steal’. There were a few pieces with ‘steal’ on around back in about 2002 or thereabouts, remember one down by the council house at the bottom of park street, long gone now though.


A handy wall size map of Europe, controversially including Turkey and expanding Greece somewhat. If there’s a message here, I’m stuffed if i know what it is.


I know Nick Walker’s done stuff with high heels before, but doubt this one is him somehow.


Dog with a tommy gun, pretty old and faded now, not sure i remember there being many more of these around.


This really rings a bell, but i just can’t think why. Have been a few of them around over time though.


So many stencils round this place, unique to the area pretty much, assume the BS tag is related to the face, but can’t be certain.


Now someone’s put a lot of work into this, and definitely haven’t seen one before. Some of these used to be done for club nights and magazines, perhaps this one was too?


At the top there’s one of the most tagged doors i’ve ever seen, can’t spot anything of note in there, but hard to tell one from another now.


This is cheating somewhat, but 3/4 of the way up the alley there’s a little alley running off down to the back of some shops, think it’s just a loading bay, not named on any maps, so thought i would cover it with the lane itself. Anyway, here’s a large cloud there, wonder if it’s one of an edition of 10?


Was pleased to find this, what i assume is a little What Collective piece, always cheery and smiling these doods aren’t they? Though the paint intensities look different between the tag and the piece, perhaps they were done a different times or even different people.


Another face, tagged ‘Dr’, very similar the one down the bottom of the lane.


And there were are. Do go and check this lane out sometime, it’s a piece of history.

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