That ‘million pound’ Banksy

Well, hardly a surprise, but the Portobello Road Banksy didn’t make the seven figure sum the media was hoping for. Bidding closed just now, and the final price (subject to false bids and the like) was

This story’s been doing the rounds as well, apparently the ‘Rivington Street Rat’ Banksy in London has been bought for a million pounds though, and is currently covered up before being chopped out and shipped to the states. Not sure about this story, a million pounds seems like an odd figure for it, but still, if it’s being lost, then that’s a shame in a way.





Though is it worse that graf is lost into a private collection rather than being lost to random tagging, vandalism or council contractors?


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2 responses to “That ‘million pound’ Banksy

  1. bristolian youff


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