Graffle enters the final stretch…

Seems like only yesterday this was all starting off, but this coming friday will see the final draw of ‘Graffle’, Bristol’s graffiti raffle.

The lineup of art being raffled was impressive enough when this thing started, but since then it’s just grown and grown. The addition of a studio proof of Banksy’s ‘Stop and Search’ print was a real coup, and i understand shows the generosity of the man himself towards his home city. I saw the standard version of this print at a gallery in Bath on Saturday for £3,400, so the value of a studio proof can only be guessed at.


Check out the graffle website for full info on everything now in the raffle. It now reads like a massive ‘who’s who’ of contemporary and street art.

As well as the raffle draw itself, Friday night’s going to be a bit special. Since the event has grown and grown, the draw has had to find new premises, and will now be at the Mercure Holland House Hotel and Spa, Redcliffe Hill, Bristol, BS1 6SQ. From 6pm there will be a VIP buffet, tickets £22.50 per head with all proceeds to charity. Then from 8pm there will be the chance to bid on this unique Nick Walker ‘Moona Lisa’ print, done specially for the graffle.


After this at 8:30pm, the draw itself will start.

It’s going to be a really cool night, and there’s nothing else on this time of year anyway, so tell your friends and head on down! (and if you haven’t got a ticket for the raffle yet, you’re mad, they’re only a fiver!)

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