Andy Council and Flx – Weapons of Choice

Apologies dear reader, for not having a review of last night’s jollities up in a timely manner. Sadly, last night’s gale force winds and persisting rain led to me couching out and not making it to the show. Gutted.

However, fortunately some intrepid reporter friends were there to record proceedings and were good enough to share them with this blog, so here’ s a lovely write up of it from Nicola Berridge, who, with Andy Pegg, shares credit for the photos below. Cheers both!

Cheba and Nickill’s monthly live music and graffiti night kicked off at Mr Wolfs on Tuesday and it well was worth braving the weather for.

After some good food and a few ciders the 1st band ‘Anomaly’ did their thing whilst Andy Council and FLX finalised their ideas on chunks of note paper and prepped black markers.

Anomaly seemed nervous but there was no need as their eclectic mix of brass, bass and hip-hop lyrics warmed the crowd (well as much as you can on a tuesday). Half way through their set Andy and FLX joined in, kicking off their designs on white boarding fixed to the stage wall.

And that was it, from then on in, the crowd were completely transfixed by the level of detail going into the pieces and the great musical mix from DJ Killer Tomato.

Unfortunately it was a ‘school night’ and the last bus was at 11.30 so we had to bolt before they’d finished. The photos show how far the guys had got by that time and apparently there were more bands and other shenanigans ’till 2am!

All-in-all an inspiring and recommended night out (and not a whiff of spray paint to put you off ya food.) I’m only sorry we have to wait a whole month for the next one!

Mr Council at work


Close up of Mr Council goodness


The lucky, lucky crowd


Andy hits them high, whilst Flx hits them low


Once more with feeling


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