Woodmancote Road, Bristol

Another road you wouldn’t really spot this, running between Ashley Road and Shaftesbury Avenue, but one totally worth checking out for lots of varied work, some awesome. A large post this, but really do read to the end, it gets better!

Starting up at the Ashley Road end, there’s this odd but good piece by, i think, Toy Soul.


Titled ‘Keep da peace’, not seen Toy Soul before, maybe someone working under a different name?


Along from that, there’s this illegible stencil, let me know if you can translate it better than i!


Another ghost, good grief!


Another ‘Jean’ japanese stencil…


Think this has been there a while now.


Now the road really starts to get good. This looks like Paris’s style to me, but couldn’t make it out quite.


This door, with another ‘bum rush the show’ stencil as on Norrissville Road


Then the real excellence starts. This piece is a large mural with this air mail letter next to it. In the context of the large piece next to it, it’s clearly a message abroad to someone from the TCF and Aagh, and immense gratitude to anyone speaking spanish better than me who can who can translate it properly! (note the little Feek detail in the stamp, sweet!)


Here’s the piece, love it so much!


Can you work out what’s going on?


It’s one of the big Feek Easter Island style heads with a radio controller…


…flying a TCF and Aagh banner…


…from a land featuring, amongst other things, a Sickboy Temple…


…across to another head, painting a picture in a sunhat with a bottle of booze. The writing across the top reads “Welcome to ‘Irie Island’!! – “Cheers Comfort!!” “Feek, Paris, Ponk, Eko, Xenz, Phet”. Mentions Irie Island in the spanish letter above, must get it translated!


To finish somewhat incongruously at the end, a really old Ghostboy sticker, never knew the man was so tall!


I’m gonna do more digging on this large piece, the way R.I.P has been sprayed over it a couple of times makes me think it may be a little more of a memorial than the happy tone of it suggests.


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3 responses to “Woodmancote Road, Bristol

  1. bergerac

    hey-this is a great blog. I’ve often wondered about the RIP Comfort piece and would like to know the story behind it. There was a memorial painted on the other side of the M32 (on one of the motorway pillars near the back of the BlackSwan) a couple of years ago to a guy called ‘J’ which the council contractors blatently removed-which seemed rude.
    Keep it up

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Wicked, ta for the positive feedback! Getting to the bottom of the comfort story at the moment, and will post more about it when i hear back from people. Those motorway pillars did seem oddly clean, that’s the thing, people don’t differentiate between different forms of graffiti, if it’s a memorial to someone, then it is pretty crass to treat it like everything else (like the Abi Banksy piece at the bottom of Ashley Hill too i guess…)

  3. sus

    I used to work at Cosies, where you could set your watch by the arrival of Comfort – at midnight every Sunday. Comfort was a well-known and well-loved local character around Montpelier, and this was his house. He passed on 5 or 6 years ago quite unexpectedly, and was toasted many times by many people at that time. This was the TCF’s. As to why they called him ‘Comfort’…if you don’t know you won’t guess.

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