Old Cheba and Nickill in Clifton

Thought i’d head back in the day for a moment here, these are some old Cheba and Nickill from up in Clifton in February 2005, nearly three years ago, sheesh. Did hear somewhere that Cheba was pretty badly busted after these pieces started springing up everywhere, they certainly were prolific for a while then stopped. Cheba, as you’ll know, did the layout and the like for the ‘Banksy’s Bristol’ book.

Here’s a massive one that was on the side of the hoardings when they demolished the petrol station at the junction of Gloucester Street and the Mall. Love the tie.


Here’s a Nickill/Love the Leaf quick one inside the old petrol station.

Cheba and Nickill on the garage doors on Portland Street, heading down to the famous Coronation Tap pub (referenced in the thanks section of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine album no less!).


Think this was on Portland Street as well, suspect this one’s in the dark as i went to the Corrie Tap in between taking this one and the one above. Cheba and Nickill again.


Sadly i wasn’t as good at recording where things were in those days, but this will have been between Portland street and Queen’s Road somewhere i think.


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