Norrisville road, Bristol

What you think of an area is all about personal experience and perception isn’t it. But for me, Norrissville Road sits right on the edge of Montpelier and St Pauls, still a tad sketchy at times, but also pretty hippyish and creative. No surprise then it’s long been the scene of graf in many forms.

This piece by Dora is utterly awesome, and too little known to my mind, kinda like the w.s.s.k piece on the back of the Cube. Testament to its greatness is i guess the fact that it’s not been messed with by anyone yet, and it wasn’t put up yesterday.


Another shot head on to it…


Closer shot of the main image, pretty cool huh?


Over the road is another of these old ‘Jean’ stencils, only seen the name attached to this stencil, and only seen three of them, odd given how well done they are.


Just up from the above, this looks like the ‘All the girls love you‘ stencil that’s been done more recently, but is clearly pretty old now.


This was just across from the ‘bum rush’ stencil, guessing it was some kind of panther, though i guess it’s kinda reminiscent of the she wolf of romulus and remus fame in a way.


Take it this is an old stencil for the Dissident soundsystem round about these parts.


I wanna say this is an old A.a.g.h. piece, but i’m almost certainly wrong.


There’s a couple of these stencils in the very local area to this, and not seen any anywhere else, so guessing it’s just someone practicing.


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