Stokes Croft, Bristol’s cultural quarter…

Do feel bad in a way that I haven’t given mention to the excellent ‘People’s Republic of Stokes Croft‘ art project on this blog yet, and their project to get Stokes Croft recognised as Bristol’s cultural quarter. Not for want of thinking about it, i can assure you, but it’s such a big thing, haven’t known where to start.

Anyway, seems they’ve now put themselves together a promo video for it, which covers a lot of the work down there, and is a good intro to it. Would perhaps say it’s a bit cheeky that some of the work in the video is nowhere near stokes croft, the furthest away in it being out by Ashley Hill. But that aside, it’s great stuff and intend to cover it more anon!


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2 responses to “Stokes Croft, Bristol’s cultural quarter…

  1. aloha Bristol Graffiti blog!
    Just wanted to pass on a message from the creator of the actual video… me… that uhh it wasn’t intended as a promo for the prsc work, but more of a “hey, thanks for making the streets pretty again”
    i wanted to give them more acknowledgment of the hard work they put into the street art scene, and i didnt see much credit being drawn to them in the weird world of youtube.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Fair enough dood, i saw it on a different forum where it was titled as a stokes croft thing, so assumed was a promo vid for the project specifically. Ta for the clarification though, tis a top vid!

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