Hepburn Road, Bristol

I’ve always been intrigued by Hepburn Road, oddly narrow and tucked away. Used to have a club named Loco and then Maze on it, which held some wicked nights back in the day, sadly all gone now, along with the pill dealers who used to loiter at the end of Hepburn Road. Always amazed me, seeing festival style dealers hanging out in the middle of a city, just to catch the friday night crowd.

Here’s a large bomb (geddit?) at the Stokes Croft end of the road.

Down the road, in what was, i think, the doorway to club loco, was this piece, sure i’ve seen a name around for this before, gone now though…


There’s a few of these around this area (especially in the Bear Pit and the end of Stokes Croft) and don’t get them. Is it the ‘BC’ of ‘Burning Chrome/Before Candy’?. With an inverted cross and a crown it’s a pretty odd image either way.


Some more paste up work, similar to the stuff on the christmas steps perhaps, not lasted well though.


There’s some building work going on where there road turns, and through the fence there are these boards, chock full of Rowdy/Sweet toof/Cyclops goodness. Mmmmm. The white panel on the right bears the tags of these good men for posterity.


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