The blog heads abroad…

You may have noticed, on the tags on the side of this blog, there’s a tag for ‘Bristol’ and there’s a tag for ‘Abroad’. Abroad is, obviously, places that aren’t Bristol.

So went abroad yesterday, to Exeter in fact, and good lord is that city free of graf. Maybe that’s a good thing in the current political climate, but i think there must surely be a correlation between graf and the general cultural activity of a city. To be fair, when’s the last time you heard of someone from Exeter doing anything worthwhile? Muse really don’t count by the way. Thom Yorke only went to uni there, yonks ago.

I rest my case.

Anyway, here’s what there was in Exeter, and whilst i’d genuinely love to be told in the comments that i’m wrong, i think i took a pretty comprehensive graf tour of the place.

This was taken later at night than i intended, but is opposite the Exeter Central Station, on Queen Street, near the junction with Richmond Road (the lower right shadow is me, sorry, damn street light).


This was at the Queen Street / end of Gandy Street junction, by the Phoenix Centre. It looks pretty old, and reads ‘I AM NOT AT WAR’ (caps lock really is cruise control for cool isn’t it?). Ironically enough, i read the other day that this country hasn’t officially declared war since 1942. So, i guess you’re forced to ask, is this ‘artist’ really wrong?


These were a welcome relief, two proper stencil faces at the subway end of Coombe Street, where someone had done some proper work to do a stencil of something. Ironic that they were on top of white paint to remove some old graf.


This was the biggest surprise of the day, an art gallery that had, for those blog readers who are interested in contemporary art more generally, Anthony Micallef listed on the side, along with Damian Hirst et al.

So went in, and turns out the owner stocked up on Micallef prints a year ago, and has been gutted to see their price fall since the ‘1000 print’ Pictures on Walls debacle this late summer. He’s still got some pretty rare prints though for good prices, and weirder was how he told the tale of selling three original Micallef’s for £7.5k each 10 months ago, and has just resold one of them on behalf of the original purchaser for £25k. It’s not Bristol graf, but it’s crazy how contemporary art prices can be so volatile huh?


For those interested in his many Micallef’s at good prices, he’s steve AT eyestorm DOT com…


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4 responses to “The blog heads abroad…

  1. Pipsqueak

    Interesting you went Exeter but saw no graf. Just behind Queen Street, right in the city centre is the Art Centre which has legal walls constantly updated. There are two more H.O.F across the city, although exeter has suffered from a zero tolerance response to graf from the council/police. This leads most local writers to head elsewhere to catch wreck. kilo (s.i.n.stars) was an Exeter writer, Fixer (FBS) was an exeter writer, Soke, Scarce, Remer (who hit Bristol hard in the late 80s early 90s) was also local lads. Exeter might by kinda dry now, just a few heads holdin it down (Sceo, Dreks, Neo, Virus, Such, Aynes) but it used to have a heavy hip-hop and graf scene, just check those old visual graffix videos from the 90s. LAters

  2. Bilkoe

    Yes indeed, even a couple of years back Exe had a few things going on – especially down at the ‘chrome wall’ – an abandonded military field with many huge hanger type warehouses…
    Top spot, but gone now.

  3. bristolgraffiti

    Awesome, ta both, just the sort of info this blog was set up to share! Thought there may have been a zero tolerance thing going on to a degree, saw a few places where paint had been badly applied to cover something up. Odd i missed the Queen Street thing, shall rectify matters and go and have a look next time I’m down there!

  4. Hi, Ive been runnin an Exeter graff site for a couple of years now the scene aint what it used to be thats true, due to a few toys spoiling it for the many, ive taken to paintin “abroad” myself in Tiverton and North Devon, but there’s still a few bits that crop up now again and like pipsqueak says we have a couple of HOFs that get updated quite regular, there’s a little spot in St. thomas, near the old rugby ground that still gets done on the regular, the Phoenix arts centre has its own legal spot and there’s a huge legal wall down Shakespeare Rd community centre, if your down again, get in touch and I’ll give you some directions, emails on the website, nice 1

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