King’s Square Avenue

It’s right at the heart of a good area for graf, but there’s never been much on King’s Square Avenue to my knowledge, and things are still the same by the looks of it. Still though, some interesting bits.

Starting at the King’s Square end (i dread to think how nice that square must have been back in the day before it got bombed) there’s this old stencil. Seems carefully thought out and well executed, but not seen another one of these before or since. Odd.


Little further down you can see (on the left) one of those ghost like figures, and (on the right) what may be a C’est bon.


Little further down, another of these balloon eyes…


Other side of the road, another ghost, do like the way these things are always tucked away, it’s a really distinctive image.


Finally at the Stokes Croft end of the road, the ‘Clockwork’ club. Remember going to the ‘wayz of the dragon’ album launch party there when it was ‘Powerhouse’ years ago and being transfixed by loads of comic style artwork projections on the walls during the night. Little did i realise at the time that the artwork for the album was done by Nick Walker! (click on the logo to enter the old site, then select ‘clients’ and then ‘Full Cycle’ to see the album).

The paint job on the current building i think is 3Dom, Voyder et al, who’ve also done the Golden Lion pub further up the Gloucester Road, both are really stupidly impressive pieces!



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4 responses to “King’s Square Avenue

  1. Much as I like the Clockwork paint job, it still irks that when they did it they blocked the whole pavement with the scaff, forcing people with pushchairs, prams and wheelchairs into what is one of Bristol’s busiest roads.

    Must do better, chaps!

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Damn, did they now? When was that out of interest, i remember it not being there, and i feel like it’s been there for ages now, but can’t put a date to it!

  3. TBH I can’t really remember, but I recall it still being fairly clement out, so end of the summer maybe? I have a feeling it was after the first big Dissident night there, but before the Gener8r. Ech, fuggit, I have no idea 😀

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