Under the M32/Muller Road roundabout

The more i think about it, the more i dislike the M32 and what it’s done to its surrounding area. Raised off the ground as it comes into Bristol, it splits the area in two, and even covers over the previously important River Frome.

Still, since underneath the raised bit is a wasteland that few people ever visit, i thought the road might have redeemed itself by providing an environment for top graf underneath itself. Sadly, i was wrong, seems the area’s so rubbish that  even taggers can’t really be bothered.

This is one of the many views round the M32/Muller Road/IKEA roundabout showing just how desolate and dull it all is. Very surprising no-one’s taken the opportunity to put up a big piece that would be seen by hundreds driving past each day.


This is an old stencil by one of the pedestrian underpasses, the one to Cottrell Road I think. Intricate and well done, but time’s not been kind to it.


This is again pretty old by the looks of things, and is in the spiral entrance to the pedestrian underpass in the trees on the corner of Tesco’s car park. You’d miss this entrance if you weren’t keeping an eye out, it is a pretty random place.


And there you have it, the sum total of the non tag based graf under the M32 by the IKEA roundabout at the moment. Further down under the M32 towards the St Paul’s roundabout is a huge load of pieces, stencils, tags, etc, all precariously done over the still exposed River Frome. Can’t work out how to get in there though, it’s all well fenced off, and looks pretty darn dangerous in there too, so may have to wait a while for those photos.

To finish this area off though, here’s one i found between the roundabout and the pieces over the river, on the side of a house on the corner of Stapleton and Freemantle Roads. Nicely done, and not heard of Levz before.


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