Have a bath, get a job…

Saw these today, halfway up Cranbrook Road. Well, saw loads of them actually, round by the Arches then all the way up Cranbrook Road at regular intervals. Annoys me in a way, not for its tin foil hatted conspiraloonacy, but for the fact that it’s been put up all round an area where there isn’t much graf, where people aren’t as keen on it as, say, Montpelier, and thus more people are going to think ill of graf generally because of it.

Also annoying, as whilst ‘9/11’ may well equal ‘lies’, ‘9-11’ actually equals -2.


and worse…



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4 responses to “Have a bath, get a job…

  1. It’s also around Westbury on Trym and Henleaze in the varied form “9-11 – inside job”.

  2. Edd

    its soo bad ! its all around Henleaze mostly tiny “9-11” inside job stickers , but i am starting to see it alot more towards town for instance white ladies and glouster road

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