Johnny Ball Lane

The wonderfully named Johnny Ball Lane (not, I don’t think, named after the great mathematician) has always been a great spot for finding graf. You wouldn’t know it was there if you didn’t look for it, and I’ve even heard a rumour that, contrary to the info in Steve Wright’s ‘Banksy’s Bristol’ book, it was in fact this lane that saw the first ever Banksy stencil.

It gets changed around and repainted fairly often, but here’s what’s there at the mo, starting from the bottom of the lane down by St Augustine’s Parade.

Odd little stencil, not seen one like this before.


There are loads of these individual little Panda’s dotted around this end of the lane, sweet in their own way.


Japanese sticker art by the looks of things. (EDIT: I’m talking nonsense, it’s a sticker from the Cube Cinema as Mr KRS  rightly points out in the comments)


These little doods are really nice, great style and use of colour. Done by ‘Hilo’?


Further up the lane, the Pandas have clearly been engaged in a successful breeding program. Not sure of the significance of the upside down red one though.


This wall looked like it had been repainted recently, and this cool little penguin (unsigned) seemed to be a recent addition too.


Pandas laying down the law, whatever next?


Hmm, not so sure on just making a direct Radiohead reference there.


More of the little doods, really rather like them.


Very small but intricate stencil of a tank, not sure if it was done by ‘Flu’ or whether that’s just coincidental placing of a tag.


Really can’t make out the significance of this one, but would love to know.


So, no famous names on the lane anymore, but lots of quite talented stuff!Makes for a nice change…


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3 responses to “Johnny Ball Lane

  1. ‘Japanese sticker art’ = Cube Microplex logo, surely?

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Good lord, how right you are, duly edited, cheers!

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