The Christmas Steps, Bristol.

The Christmas Steps go back ages, and have been the scene of loads of Bristol’s history, including a pitched battle during the Civil War apparently. Scarily narrow and steep little lane for such things I’d have though. Nowadays the only battles going on round here are between graf artisits, which is probably better.

Not the first one of these I’ve seen, there’s another one in Kingsdown, no idea why someone would go to the trouble of stenciling this.


Another one of those cool Paddingtons as on this blog a few weeks back. They’re pretty much all centered round this area by the looks of things, and have survived the years well.


This is really neat, and quite Banksy-esque in its own way. Photo makes it look a lot bigger than it is too, you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it.


A tag by Killer.


Another Paddington and some sticker work that I’d have liked to have seen before it got torn, looked interesting.


General shot of the wall towards the bottom with all the various bits laid out in context.


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  1. josh

    haha bumjelly, thats brilliant !

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