End of Station Road, Montpelier

Not sure if this little pedestrianized lane has a name, but it runs on from Station Road and onto St Andrews Road. This wall in particular used to be a prime spot for graf, but nowadays they’ve repainted the wall and planted trees in front of it. If they’re demonstrating that they really don’t want graf here, then i’d respect that myself, hope others do too. Personally with two large walls that size, i’d be on the batphone to the TCF like a shot, but there y’go.


Another shot of the now blank wall, with the former hotel at the end i forget the name of. It’s now flats, but local rumour has it that David Cameron used to party here with Tricky et al back in his days in Bristol. Local rumour says a lot of things though i guess.


Here’s what the wall used to look like back in April 2005, bit of a mess, you can see their point in cleaning it up.


On a lamp post opposite there used to be this sweet dog, were a few of them around the area over time.


This dog was high up on the end of the wall where the ramp from the station meets the path. You can just about make it out these days, but this is a shot from April 2005 again.


New one for 2007 though, quite a nice stencil on the side of the bin there, ‘all the girls love you’ once again, this time with flower.


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  1. The hotel straddling St. Andrew’s and Richmond Roads was the Montpelier Hotel, a/k/a the Mont, wasn’t it?

    It was squatted and provided a base for much of Bristol’s Mayday 2000 activities, I’m fairly sure there was some nice artwork inside it too. And no doubt someone somewhere has pics – maybe the Kebele people might know?

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