Corner wall by Bath Buildings

It looks pretty innocous these days doesn’t it, but this wall has long been the scene of loads of different graf, some really well done.


Back in the day though, the wall looked more like this


Have a good look at it, see who you can spot on there. I spotted…

A Ghostboy ‘English Heretic’ blue plaque from 2003


A big old Magic head


This tag style stencil, sure i’ve seen one somewhere else too


An old Banksy rat…


and of course, a Banksy ‘Bombing Middle England’ stencil. Only got a close up of one end of it at the time, the other end was pretty destroyed. I used to wonder if the owner of this house knew Banksy, as this ‘Bombing Middle England’ piece was done just after the wall was repainted one time and used to look really awesome when it was the only piece there. Pretty sure there were other large Banksy stencils on this wall too before this, anyone got photos?

In fact, if you look closely, you can see the Banksy piece is actually from an earlier repainting, and has been painted around and saved when the wall was redone.



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3 responses to “Corner wall by Bath Buildings

  1. Lloyd

    this is my house now. please graff it up, but just dont get caught because it is out of my control as im renting. but i will try my hardest to not get it cleaned off. only good work please

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