Station Road, Montpelier

This is an odd little road, running up to Montpelier Station. Used to have lots of interesting graf on it (and an awesome chinese cash and carry) but sadly both are now gone.

You can see from this shot just some of the work done up here to remove graf


Here’s another one of the same stencil i found on the side of the old Venue building up the road the other day, must be fairly recent.


Not sure who this is, not seen one before, ‘TJM’?


This looks like it was done in the same style of the ‘all the girls love you’ one, but try as i might i can’t work out what it says. EDIT: It says ‘in yer dreams luv x’

This is really nice, lovely way to brighten up a telephone exchange box


These two snails are further up the road towards the station, and date back a good while, remember other ones being down on the old garage on Bath Buildings back in 1999/2000



Another take on the same snail theme, and a S.W.A.T. soundsystem stencil, should have put a year at the end of that date!


Now i said i wouldn’t cover tags on this blog, only work that’s taken a little more thought (though admittedly some people work pretty hard on their tag styles). Include this here as an indication of what most of the road is now like. Seems tags always get worse when they try to clean off the nicer peices.


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