Bonhams contemporary art auction Feb ’08 – the Banksy lots

Probably the last thing on most of our minds right now, what else to spend a large amount of money on, but for a certain group of folks, February will see some major spending on yet more contemporary art.

There are loads of Banksys in this one, and you can check out the full catalogue here, but these were the ones that caught my eye.

These ‘laugh now’ monkeys
never really did much for me at the time, but they seem to be one of the hottest sellers nowadays. So someone’s clearly gonna shell out many notes for this one meter by six meter backdrop done for the Ocean Rooms in Brighton, one of my old stomping grounds in that part of the world as it happens.


I know who’s selling this one, and think it’s sort of my fault, as we had a chat about auctioning Banksys in the summer, and he said he had a Sid Vicious style piece he’d bought at the show i’m annoyed i missed, Alterior on Park Street in ’99. This amount of money couldn’t go to a nicer bloke though, good work him!


This is an odd one, not for the piece, of which one used to be on the path on the Clifton Suspension Bridge (i suspect this is the location the stencil was created for originally) but for the fact it says Robert Birse was Banksy’s old manager. He’s certainly the guy who organised the Severnshed show that everyone now talks about, but at the time i thought his manager was Stephen Earl, the guy many people in Bristol are now looking for, having apparently done a runner to spain with certain people’s cash. Know Stephen Earl said to me at the time that Rob Birse was just some guy who put on a show and got lucky, perhaps there was more to it than that though, who knows. Wouldn’t be surprised to see an auction house mess up a listing though, the info given is still all based on what the seller tells them.


Personally for me this is the star piece of the show, a proper stencil with a real Bristol context. Such a shame this part of Banksy’s career seems to be overlooked by the big cash buyers in favour of his later work. Wanted one of these at the time, and would buy it now if i had the cash, dammit!

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