An old skool Banksy

So, i guess a lot of traffic to this blog recently has been from people interested in Banksy. Now, as i said in the ‘about’ section, this blog is in part about showing people that Bristol is about more than Banksy. But have recently been sent some pics by various readers that have taken me right back to Banksy’s early days, and am currently working out how best to do them justice.

In the meantime though, people have been getting in touch asking where they can see Banksys round Bristol.  There aren’t that many anymore i can think of, but here’s one from back in the day that’s still there (in December 2007), on the side of the Thali Cafe at the end of Picton Street / Upper Cheltenham place. Guess you can see from the photo why there aren’t many around now. Most that the council or developers didn’t get, the weather did.

Incidentally, i think this one is one of a set of at least three in the area done on the same night, but gonna look into that more at some point soon.

So, this is what a heavy weaponry elephant from years ago looks like these days.


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  1. Or even a ‘Heavy Weaponary’ elephant 😉

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