Venue’s moving

Ended up walking past the Venue magazine building on north/overton road today, and was reminded of something covered by the Bristol blogger, Venue has left the building.

In a way, Venue is as much a part of Bristol life as mizzley rain really, covering what has been going on and what’s coming up in this fair city, from the club scene to the graf scene and all in between. ‘Shall we buy Venue?’ has in my world become just another way of saying ‘well, i’m stumped for what to do tonight’. Remember reading a Banksy interview in there years ago, and realising for the first time that it wasn’t just me who liked all these stencils that were appearing round the city. So it’s a real shame they’ve moved over to the Evening Post building on Temple Way.

Don’t know the ins and outs of it all, but it struck me earlier that part of Venue’s vibe was the feeling that you lived and drank in the same places as the writers. Sure some of them aren’t office based entirely, but it’s a shame to see the centre of it move from round the Gloucester Road, close by so much of the action, and out to one of the most horrible assemblages of roads and office buildings this city has seen.

Anyway, there was this sweet stencil on the side of the building when i went past, so thought would share it with you here. No idea who did it, be interested to know.


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