More graffle pics

So it seems the blog was getting loads of traffic yesterday from people looking for pics of what’s available at Graffle.

As it happened, i was going back to the 12 days show tonight anyway, so took the opportunity to grab pics of what’s there at the moment.

It’s worth mentioning at the top that according to the organiser of Graffle on the news tonight, an artist’s proof (or studio proof apparently) of the Banksy ‘stop and search’ print (covered here a few days ago), the latest release from Santa’s Ghetto, is now in the raffle too. That probably does take things to a whole new level.

I think this Graffle project is properly awesome in how it’s come from nothing to do stuff like this (the two Faile prints are a coup too). But might i just declare an interest? If someone else gets the Jago piece, can i have first refusal in return for charity?

So, here are pretty much all of the pieces hanging round the room last night.

The two Faile prints



You’d have to have a cold, cold heart not to have love for Dicy. This is the original in the graffle.


There’s also a print in there too, the awesome ‘on the brain’/’graffiti soaked brain‘, one of my very, very favourite Bristol prints this year.

Mau Mau doing his thang


Misteraitch and SPQR




Mark Ward


(Now one of) the Banksy(s). Had a closer look, looks like a high quality print on a canvas-esque board. Feel free to fill me in on the technical name for such. As mentioned before, taken from the LA show.

Jamie Reid and China Mike’s ‘Shoreditch


Pam Glew


Celia Anne Garcia.


and there you have it, apart from the Jago piece (pic in previous post) and the Nick Walker ‘morning after’ print, i think.

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