Picton Lane and end of Picton Street

In my more youthful days, i used to hang around this area quite a bit. It’s a real hotspot for graf, there was always a Banksy or two around, and loads of other artists too.

One of the most secluded parts of this area is Picton Lane, that runs along between Picton Street and Cheltenham Road. You wouldn’t really know it unless you’d had an explore, and would rarely if ever have a reason to go down there. So, given that’s an excellent location for artists to work at leisure, and there used to be some great stuff down there, thought would check out what’s there these days.

Starting at one end of Picton Lane, there used to be an old car garage. Derelict for a few years, it eventually got taken over by the Art Space Life Space bunch, who ran a series of events in there that i’m gutted i never got round to attending. Must get up to their new one, where Xenz has done the whole of the inside of an old church in Clifton.

Since then, they’ve pulled the garage down to reveal a gorgeous old georgian house you wouldn’t have spotted otherwise, and which i wished i’d had a poke around. The whole area’s having eco homes built on it nowadays, and round the back of this development, on some building site boards, is this small impromptu cyclops/sweet toof. This stuff’s all over shoreditch at the moment, along with sickboy et al.


Just down from their is this signature style piece, really like this one, wouldn’t mind getting one done for me someday.


Along from there is an even bigger one, man this lane must give you some time to relax and get your paint on.


Here’s another one of those old Magic figures, don’t see as many of them round as you did


Just next to it was this one which was even better, never seen one coloured in before


Coming out of Picton Lane (sure there used to be more graf on it than there is now) you get this view of the end of Picton Street, sweet toof/rowdy/cyclops, such as the distinctions between them may be.

Here’s a close up of the Cyclops there, want one of these someday too


There’s always a community angle to stuff in Montpelier isn’t there… (note the rowdy little crocodile in red towards the bottom)


and here’s a view that would make any shoreditch dweller feel right at home. If it wasn’t so clearly adorned with a Bristol name, complete with the accent built in.


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