Bristol graf video 1997

Found this the other day on Youtube, a whole load of video from around Bristol, apparently filmed in 1997. Certainly a piece in there dated ’96 anyway.

Reminds me of the stuff i used to see back in the day, but there are a whole load of names i don’t recognise. Spotted rowdy/farmyardies (old spelling?), Inkie and Dicy on an initial viewing, but must have a closer look someday. Any old heads with some history to share on who’s in the vid, shout out!


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2 responses to “Bristol graf video 1997

  1. Bilkoe

    hi – just spotted this post…
    the video was pieced together by a mate of mine from devon who used to pass through bristol quite a bit around back then – DJ Specifik of specifik and project cee fame.
    mostly filmed at the old brislington warehouse (rip) and barton hill youth club (rip) and includes most of the active writers at that time, some of them are –
    tes, nach, soker, lokea, just, sake, turroe, shimz, risk, warp, rowdy, pen, vermin, acer, coda, paris, dicy, feek, pesh, renro, dark, and some out-of-towners – kilo, skore, tase, stylo, resh…
    loads of others too.
    Good little bit of bristol graff history there

  2. remember it well ,that site had major protential. loved it did my “dad ” memorial piece there as in vid…. and that unthere at the starts mine n’ all pz….turroe.. brain dead..08

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