A little St Werburghs path

Running off Mina Road in St Werburghs is a small path to Conduit Road. The path heads along the edge of the park there, and runs parallel to Roseberry Avenue. Always been a secluded spot for little bits of graf, here’s what’s there at the moment.

Starting up by the rather cool victorian urinal (which is a work of wrought iron majesty worth seeing in itself) is this small stencil, packed full of postmodern irony.


Next up is this assemblage of stencils, presumably left over from whenever the last G8 protest was. This is St Werburghs though, so could have been one of many times people got irate and stuck it to the man with spraypaint. I like the little goblin head at the bottom of the pic too, there are a few of these round this area.


Guess this is a comment on man being too reliant on electricity or the like, who can tell?


This is the same baby stencil i found yesterday just over the other side of the M32, this time with added military ordinance. It’s really grown on me, this image.


Who can tell what this one used to be, this stuff must be a good few years old.


Not a Banksy, but another take on the rat theme within stencil graf. Looks competently enough done though, feel like i ought to know who this is.


and here’s a long shot of the wall at the end of the path, have heard talk of it being cleaned up with a large piece sometime in the future, hope it comes off!


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