Millpond/Baptist street

If you come into Bristol on the M32, you’ll have gone right past these two little streets, but had no reason to notice them. This is because they’re part of the old area of ‘Baptist Mills’, which is still on some maps nowadays, and was once famous for brass making, but was substantially destroyed and replaced by the M32. Wandering round the M32 in this area really makes you realise how much the road has cut two previously connected areas completely in two, both literally and in community terms.There are still some houses either side of the M32 though that give you an idea of what it was like back in the day, and these few snaps are from around one part of this, seemingly the roads that gave the area its name, or at least were named by it.

Just at the end of Claremont Street is this small stencil of a crying baby. Now, it’s not the best execution ever, and has weathered a bit, but seems all the more evocative for it in a way.


Where Baptist Street and Millpond Street meet is a run down building that’s now home to a mechanic. This is on the side of the mechanic’s, clearly work by the ‘Ave A Go Heroes’, but those cars were parked so close to it you couldn’t see the whole thing, even from behind them. Must get back there someday.


Opposite that wall is a bit of derelict building that i suspect may be part of the old Brass Works that this area was famous for (must brush up on my brick dating of buildings). On it was this lovely piece, the work of Messrs Ponk, Nylon and Feek, and possibly Acer too, though that tag’s separate and in a different colour.


Ponk, Nylon and Feek


and Acer too?


On the other side of the building is this piece, done a while back judging by the brambles that have grown up in front of it. The work of these good people it would seem.


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