Is this the view in the Nick Walker print

Took a wander round today for some more graf shots and to see what new was out there. Found some great stuff, more of that later.

But one recent event in Bristol graf was the release of the first of Nick Walker’s ‘Morning After’ prints through his website. The first one was titled ‘Bristol’, and lots of people have commented that the view in the print doesn’t look much like Bristol at all.

I thought so too, but halfway through a wander today, on a footbridge over the M32, i saw a view that caught my eye. Whilst it’s not spot on with the view in the print, is this the view on which the print is based? Certainly Royal Fort Lodge (on the horizon to the left of my photo) seems to be there in the middle of the Nick Walker print. The flats to the right in both images are reasonably similar too.


Now it’s not certain that the image in the photo has inspired the print, but it would be sweet if it were, as the man in the print would be looking back at Bristol from the M32, perhaps on his way to London, the subject of the next ‘Morning After’ print.

My other hunch is it’s a view from the centre, making the building at the bottom above the bench the Trenchard Street car park. Might have a look at the one someday too…


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3 responses to “Is this the view in the Nick Walker print

  1. It’s certainly close.
    My hunch has always been that it’s the view from the top of Victoria Park (park bench included). The view from up there has the flats in Redcliffe at just the right spot to the far left. Worth a look, and a lovely park to boot.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Do you know, i was up there only a few weeks ago, and have just looked at a photo i took randomly from that perspective.

    Now, it’s a crap photo from this perspective, and won’t share it here, but you may have hit the nail on the head there. Gonna have to go back aren’t i!

  3. although it is a nice fit, I do not think that the photo above represents the original morning after bristol image:-(

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