Evolving styles auction

For the last few weeks there’s been an online auction running for various pieces of street and contemporary art. Called ‘Evolving Styles‘, the process started with some live painting in trendy Shoreditch by artists including Mr Jago and Nick Walker. All proceeds were going to the ‘SOS Children‘ charity, another worthy cause.

Couldn’t make it over to London for that sadly, but have been watching the auction of donated pieces over the last couple of weeks, which finally closed last night.

Lots of different people in it, but for me the two best bits were an original Blek le Rat canvas, which seems to have gone reasonably cheaply at £785…


…and this awesome Xenz piece, oddly long given the width, but that’s how he rolls sometimes. Interesting to see the green splodges done with spray paint rather than dripped paint on this one too. Really liked this piece, but given it went for £752, probably out of my range.


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