All over bar the postage…

A few years ago you could buy a Banksy print fairly easily from the Pictures on Walls website, in fact you could buy one more easily still from the (now sadly shut) Greenleaf Bookshop on Colston Street here in Bristol, which had loads of them in the window for months.

However, since the man’s now the most popular thing since sliced Warhol, getting hold of a print, especially a signed one, has reached an internet buying frenzy not seen outside of the annual Glastonbury ticket bunfight.

It’s been known for a while that a new Banksy print would be appearing on the Santa’s Ghetto website sometime this month, and for those interested, it finally happened today.

It’s a pretty cool print, not a well known image, though a little dark for my tastes in a way. But ultimately it sold out in minutes, and probably not just to santa’s elves constantly refreshing their browsers. Expect one will be up on ebay any minute.


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