Portishead return!

Now, this is a blog about graf,  but as i touched on before, graf is just part of a wider context, especially in how it sits with the music scene going on around it. So, couldn’t really have a blog on Bristol graf and not cover one of the most important Bristol shows for ages, last night’s return of Portishead.

In a word, they were awesome. Hadn’t seen them since 1998, but then with the exception of the tsunami show in 2005, neither had many other people.

They’ve clearly moved on muscally in the last decade or so, the gig was a mix of old favourites with a large amount of new material, and it’s really different. Whilst the old Portishead were the chilled answer to every late night alone or middle aged dinner party, the new sound is much more dancey, kinda like Portishead meets, I dunno, Daft Punk was the band that oddly sprang to mind last night. Kinda hard to concentrate when transfixed by the god like genius of Clive Deamer though, pleasingly still on the drums.

It’s going to be a surprise to people expecting another ‘Dummy’, but the new work is as great as it is different, and judging from the reaction of the crowd, it’s going to go down a storm.

Here are some snaps for your enjoyment…







and this is the wasted bloke that massively pissed off everyone around by spilling beer down people’s backs and singing along appalingly to every song, despite everyone telling him to shut up a hundred times. Grrr.


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