Round Southville

Ended up south of the river today, and so thought would take the opportunity to check out some less familiar turf. Didn’t make it to the best bits, Dean Lane Skate Park and all, but did see some bits in a small wander.

This was on the Natwest cashpoint bin by the tobacco factory, North Street, hand drawn sticker


Just down from that, on the front of a charity shop, this not too shabby stencil.


This was where North Road met Gathorne Road. Fun stencil, liked it somewhat, but i can’t abide it when you can see the edges of the whole stencil used due to sloppy spraying or want of a slightly larger stencil. Sort it out, it’s not that difficult!


This was on the corner of Greenway Bush Lane and Coronation Road. Cute.


Just by the above was this. This dood’s been all over Bristol, fairly well known, and he’s always dated his tag random years in the future for years. So really no idea when this was done!


These are all over the town right now, this one’s on Coronation Road. Like them, and this is one of the clearer and better ones i’ve seen so far.


This was funny, on a wall at the Coronation Road end of Beauley Road, a load of graf had been ‘removed’. However it clearly hadn’t worked for this piece, and the faded/negative nature of it ironically made it a whole lot better. Cheers council anti graf squad!


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  1. The girl stencil has been there since at least ’05, the one below since mid-06, the ded posh one is 2007 (I think – the question mark ties in with when he was doing “Jeph hates the fake” around Corrie) and the one at the bottom is ooooooooooold.

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