Moon street, Bristol

It’s a nice little street Moon Street, tucked away down the back of Stokes Croft, with a real feeling of being fertile ground for graf. So as my wanderings took me down that way today, thought would take some photos of what’s there at the moment.

Think this one is fairly recent, it’s round the back of Bridewell Police Station in the car park too.


The big feature of this street is the back of Niche frames, the best shop for framing graf prints in Bristol. The upstairs of this building used to be the offices of Timebomb too, run by one of Banksy’s first managers, Stephen Earl, and where Tristan Manco wrote one of his first books on street art.






This took me back, used to be a band in Bristol called Day One, tipped for big things that never seemed to emerge. They sprayed their tag all over the streets back around the turn of the century, and inevitably, once one had been corrupted to ‘Gay One’ (or ‘Gay Zone’), most of them were.


This is just round the back of the ‘world famous’ Blue Mountain Club, standard website promo fare i guess.

Now i totally wasn’t expecting to see this, an early Banksy, the one with a different font on the tag too. In fact, remember one of these up in Boyce’s Avenue in Clifton years ago, but really don’t remember seeing this one before at all. It’s clearly not recent though, must just have missed it all these years.



And finally this piece on the side of the now happily refurbished Full Moon pub at the bottom of Stokes Croft



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6 responses to “Moon street, Bristol

  1. Heh, I know it’s childish, but I’ve always liked the GayZone bit 😀

    Have you seen the picture on the front of (the sadly closed) Target Electronics across the road? It’s somewhat, well, distressed now, but it’s still quite sweet. I have no pics I’m afraid, but thought you might be interested if you didn’t already know about it.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    Hah, yeah, i remember thinking it served them right at the time for tagging everything so relentlessly with their name.

    Must have seen the target electronics one if across the road, but really can’t place it immediately, so shall swing off down there and check it out, ta for the heads up!

  3. Oh bums, just been down Cherry Street, and noticed that Target’s front has been completely painted over 😦

  4. bristolgraffiti

    How dull, can’t find cherry street on a map though, do you mean charles street?

  5. No, sorry, my bad – it’s Cherry Lane, the ickle road that runs round the back of the old Sun Alliance building, shimmying round the Unite student block, Cherry Court, before joining up with Charles Street past the building site with the PRSC pieces just before Subway & Tesco…

  6. bristolgraffiti

    ah cool, think i know where you mean, have meant to have a wander round that bit sometime soon anyway, so many streets to walk!

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