There’s a whole lot of charity around at christmas, and none better at the moment than ‘Graffle‘, a project selling raffle tickets for art to raise money for Bristol children’s charities.

Just took some friends down to the 12 days of xmas show, and saw them setting up the pieces for the launch night tonight.

Here’s a rather lovely Mr Jago original from back in the day, Jago recently found it buried away apparently.


But here’s what i suspect will get people buying tickets from far afield, a Banksy piece from his L.A. show.


There’s also a Nick Walker ‘Morning After’ (Bristol) print, a Mau Mau piece, and loads of other artists too. I thought from the website that Xenz might have had a piece in there too, but his contribution was the stuff already sold out on the walls of the 12 days show itself.

The raffle will work by drawing a winning ticket from a hat, then drawing the name of a piece from another hat, until all pieces are gone. So it’s pot luck what you get, and you can’t just buy tickets for, say, the Banksy piece, which is a shame as i would have put some money towards getting the Jago. Who knows, maybe some more money could be raised by winners donating a fee to have swops arranged between each other?


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4 responses to “Graffle

  1. dom

    Just been donated a piece by Pam Glew ( and 2 Faile prints (framed) generously donated today.
    They all can be viewed at until 22ns dec before they get split up and displayed at various locations around the city.

    Also Tickets are on sale at 12 days of xmas and selling fast so make sure you pay it a visit.

  2. bristolgraffiti

    That’s awesome, may rethink my ticket purchasing now, good work man!

  3. dom

    Yesterday there was an “artists proof no1 ” added to the graffle by banksy himself, its the print from “stop and search” .
    Either come to bristol and purchase a ticket for a fiver or go to and find payments on the site (£6.50 per ticket)

    good luck and happy xmas


  4. dom

    The location of the draw has had to be moved due to demand so keep an eye out for updated details on next week, there will be some interesting things happening to say the least!!

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