You can never cross the same river twice

There’s a piece in, i think, ‘The Liar’ by Stephen Fry where someone relates to Professor Trefusis the tale of a Beatles tribute band who played a gig with all original instruments and amps from the time, to which the Professor replies ‘ah, but they’re not listened to on original ears are they?’

Was reminded of this last night, when i accidentally caught a small bit of the Led Zep reunion gig, and hurriedly turned over, so as not to let my memories of the Zep be clouded by what they have now become.

But how true is the same of art, graf in particular? Graf in a way is a funny medium, in that in its natural environment, it’s only really meant to be temporary. Eventually, it will be washed off by a council, painted over by a home owner, or tagged to destruction by those who dislike the artist. If none of these get it, sun, rain and time certainly will.

I used to think this a shame, remember so many of the Banksys in Bristol around 1999 all getting destroyed in a fairly short time frame, albeit each for different reasons. But then, is it really a shame? Does graf only work because it’s of its time? If we tried to cling onto the past, would we risk missing what could be happening in the present?

I guess this is why I’m not fussed about Banksy collecting and all that goes with it. For me, Banksys were of a time and a place that is never coming back. A street image transferred to canvas is one thing, but if the image is then hung in the marble floored entrance lobby of an investment bank, what meaning does it still hold?

That’s part of the reason behind this blog i suppose, recording what was there in the knowledge, and in an odd way the hope, that it won’t be there for long.

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