The knowledge

Known for ages that I’d got loads of street photos from over the years kicking around, so spent a bit of today sorting some of them out to share with you all.


But then found a comment on a forum about my review of the 12 days show, which thought it was rubbish because i admitted i couldn’t remember who certain pieces i’d photographed were by. Dull, because it was a hassle uploading all those pics, i could have very happily just photographed TCF, What and Sickboy all night, and the idea behind it was to give people not able to make the show a bit of a virtual tour of it, rather than just look at various images.


More to the point though, it leaves me pretty buggered with some of the street stuff I’ve got photos of. I don’t know who some of them are by, suspect some of the artists couldn’t remember who they were themselves when they did them, judging by the quality of them, but they were there, and should be recorded as such. Graf’s a democratic art, and whilst some voices deserve to be listened to more than others, all deserve to be heard.


You see dear reader, the whole point of ‘web 2.0’, of which blogs are a part, is a two way exchange of information. So if i admit i don’t know who something is by, feel free to fill me and the now regular readership of over 100 people daily in using the handy comments form below. As it says in the about bit, one of the ideas of this blog for me personally is to learn more from others.


So, here are five photos from Jan 2005, on garage doors in Leopold Road, Bristol, especially for my new forum fan.


Absolutely no idea who did this one, an embittered John Kerry?




Likewise, not a clue




erm, hang on, this is, erm, wait, nope, it’s gone…




This may be by someone called Rob(o), possibly an illiterate German, maybe just someone ill skilled in the finer points of diaeresis. Perhaps he or she did the Hitler one above, given the seeming germanic influence? Who knows. If only graf artists left their full names and addresses next to their work huh?




Sadly though, do know this one, it’s a Stolloff and Hopkinson stencil that was all over Bristol around 2004.



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