That Xenz show in November

So, this blog wasn’t live when the Xenz show in London was on, but couldn’t let it pass without recording it. Had loved Xenz’s stuff for ages, seen crazy city scape inspired stuff around Bristol, but only this year pinned down that they were generally the work of Xenz.

So, had my heart set on getting some. Happily, I heard about a London show dedicated to Xenz coming up very soon, but an initial ask around seemed to suggest that getting into the opening night would be a bit of a pipe dream, as everyone and his dog would be there. Was really keen to get into the opening night to make sure i got a piece i wanted, and eventually it turned out not to be a problem, it was more about knowing the night was on and turning up than getting a ticket to get through the door.

The show was in the Forster Gallery and was very London art scene-y. Outside some hoarding had been completely covered in a ‘burner’, literally and metaphorically. Here’s a shot from the Forster site of the man himself putting it together.


Inside there were clearly lots of people with plenty of disposable cash there, and the whole thing was very well presented, but the thing that really stuck in my mind was the heady, slightly sickly smell of some perfumed candles they had burning, smelt kinda different from the usual aroma of graf locations, and not necessarily in a good way. Was pretty cramped too, as photo below shows.


The work at the show was broken into four types really;

Lots of ‘gold’ pieces which everyone seems to go crazy for, but aren’t as much my thing (the Mrs likes them though, which is perhaps why other people prefer to buy them too, more family friendly)


‘Secrets and Skies’ pieces which i love, though thought there were better ones out there for me than those there that night


Some Xenz stylised tags on found pieces, which are awesome


And just one ‘Big City of Dreams’ dark canvas, which I totally fell in love with, but was just too much to buy really. Such an evocative piece though, awesome.


This piece was pretty special too, one price for the canvas, additional charge to have him come round your house and do your wall like this, so the canvas is just a base for the larger image. Would you ever be able to take it with you if you moved though?


After minor deliberation, I got myself my first Xenz original, this piece below. As part of my collection of Bristol related graf, i generally favour pieces on ‘street’ like items, found objects and the like, so was particularly chuffed with this piece.


Once that was secured, settled down to a night of chatting to folks over a few imported beers. All in all a rather pleasant night, if a little London.

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One response to “That Xenz show in November

  1. Pit

    I think I want all of Xenz’s work ever. It so good it hurts sometimes.

    Check out some of his sketches in Street Sketchbook, awesome.

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