The next 48 hours is going to be pretty busy really. It’s the launch of the ‘Banksy’s Bristol‘ book i contributed to tonight down at the Arnolfini in Bristol, followed by cider and live painting from Cheba, Flx and Inkie at the Apple, Bristol’s best cider bar.

The tomorrow night of course is the night everyone’s talking about, the 12 days of xmas show at the old Bridewell police station. I used to go to Bridewell for meetings sometimes when doing some volunteering work a few years ago, and it’ll be really interesting to see it now it’s empty, and get to have a proper wander round, something you couldn’t really do when it was full of real life crime and policing.

Really looking forward both the shows, and hope to get a review of the book launch  up after the event later tonight, but that’s all dependent on the cider i guess!

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