Today’s amblings

Today’s wandering took me down the wonderfully named Zed Alley, where there wasn’t as much as I thought there would be to be honest.

This little piece below was at the top of the alley, and quite sweet in its own way


Just down from that was this Cheba sticker, dunno who the sticker below is though.


Opposite the stickers was this big piece on the wall, no idea who did it. Quite evocative though in its own way.


Well quite…


From Zed alley, headed down Leonard lane to Corn street. Interesting factoid, did you know this series of lanes, of which Leonard lane is one, actually mark the boundaries of the old Bristol City Walls?

Saw this piece first, really like it, imagine its location may have something to do with the proximity of favourite arty/UWE hangout the Centrespace Gallery.


This was a little further down, think i may know who it is but will have to check with a mate.


Then at the end of Leonard lane was this old school Cheba, dood gets everywhere doesn’t he? Picture looks like it was taken at night, but that’s just because i haven’t worked out how to take the auto flash off my phone yet, and t’was rainy.


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