A short walk.

My travels today took me past the upper end of Trenchard Street in Bristol, a place I often used to spot good graf, so took a detour down it to see what was there these days.

First off hidden away round a corner was this small stencil of a can, know nothing about it or who did it, not seen any of them before, but there were two of them there, one with a fair bit of paint ‘bleeding’ around the edge of the stencil, so didn’t look like much special.


Graffiti’s found in the loveliest locations isn’t it?


This has been around a while now, always makes me smile, would love to find out who did it and get one


Guessing this is quick 45 rpm doodle…


Another one of these sweet Paddington’s bit further down the road on the other side


and finally, whilst i was heading that way, i thought i may as well get a photo of this old chestnut at the end of Park Street. Got a photo of the original Banksy piece that was below where this is now back in 1999 or thereabouts, must dig it out.


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