The Sickboy temple models have gone on sale. Funny, one thing I’ve really noticed, coming from a more laid back Bristol background, is the real urgency other people have about buying things, in case they sell out. I guess this is a reflection of the fact that a lot of the most desirable art of the last few years has started selling out rapidly, Banksy especially. Tried to pick up a Banksy trolleys print a couple of months back, clicked on the link as soon as the email arrived, and just got stuck, initially on a crash online ordering system, then a ‘sold out’ message.

Wasn’t that fussed, not concentrating on Banksy at the moment, enjoying all the new stuff I’m finding too much, but goes to show the hysteria that emerges when such stuff comes out, enough to crash famous websites.

So, on the Banksy forum, once the Sickboy temple was announced, people were asking what time it went on sale, midday apparently. Once midday had been and gone, lots of irate messages were appearing that the model still wasn’t on sale. It arrived a short while later, but was odd to see an image I’ve seen around in Bristol for yonks be treated to the same level of enthusiasm as things like Banksy are (I got used to the enthusiasm around him a few years back now…). Perhaps it was a little of the Bristol spirit which caused it to be delayed?

Anyway, temples still on sale if you want them…

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