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Battle Of The Boards – The Saga Continues

Remember these boards? Painted by Cheo and 3Dom, then painted out by the council without the owner’s permission, for which the chief exec apologised.

Well, they’ve been pretty much unpainted for a bit, but at the weekend Sepr went back to paint them, starting on Saturday, but not being able to go back and finish them on Sunday due to the rain. Seemingly the only photo of the work as far as it got up to is courtesy of Unity on Flickr (click for bigger).

sepr nearly finished on stokes croft

They looked like that this (Monday) morning too, but by this evening, they’d been blacked out by council workers again. Someone’s already been past and added their own contribution to the debate by the looks of things though.

stokes croft building painted out long shot

Close up on the left…

when will you learn stokes croft

…and the right.

you're just making things worse stokes croft

So, painted out in less than a day then. Let’s not forget that whilst the building may apparently be Grade II listed, the boards on which the painting is actually being done seem very unlikely to be. Leaving the boards painted black when the rest of Stokes Croft is covered in murals just looks ridiculous as well, hardly an improvement to the area.

Sure the PRSC will have some comment on this very soon.


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Cheo By The Hobgoblin, And A Show

Pretty fresh this, Cheo opposite the Hobgoblin on the Gloucester Road, technically on Overton Road. Next door to Franco the Barber, who seemingly has his own blog too.

cheo by the hobgoblin

In a few weeks Cheo’s opening up a solo show down that way at the Friend and Co Gallery, who seem to be rinsing through the names at the moment. Should be ace.

CHEO show friend and co

Incidentally, Three Nine have just released a new Cheo print too if you’re after one.

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Friend And Co Show At The Spotted Cow – Photos

Really good night down the Friend and Co show down the  Spotted Cow in Bedminster last night. Loads of people, lots of chat and a load of stuff to look at too. Loads sold as well apparently, which is interesting when everyone’s meant to be worrying about their money.

Here’s a gallery of most of the bits there.

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Upfest ’09 – A Day Of Pictures

So, Upfest today then, that odd egalitarian mix of people painting, from people fairly new to basic stenciling to some of the biggest names, certainly in Bristol, over the last 20 years or more.

Was a fun day, tons going on, and there will be photos from it all over the web anyway. In some places the only people not painting were those taking photos of people painting. So, this blog just concentrated on Bristol related people, and in some of the less popular spots a bit too. One of the good things about this year was the number of different places to paint, from the Tobacco Factory itself, to a disused garage nearby, to a pub and some boards put up alongside the new cut, complete with occasional steam train.

Here’s some of what went on (if you click on the picture twice you get biggerness)

Some work’s not finished yet (there was still a load of unpainted board by the river towards the end of the day for one), and some pieces are well worth going back to get finished photos for. Possibly more soon then…

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Matryoshka Army Photos

If you’re in town for Upfest, it’s worth wandering along to see this too given it’s not a million miles away. The Matyroshka Army exhibition at 35 King Street, a load of different artists painting a set of 5 russian dolls as part of the Bristol design festival.

Here’s some photos of the relevant ones to the blog for those as can’t make it.

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June Events Roundup

Really loads of events coming up over the next few days if you fancy it, so here’s a bit of a round up…

prsc banner

Starting with tonight (Thursday), you’ve got the dutch auction being run by PRSC closing. Sounds like there are stil some pieces available at bargain basement prices, so get down to their Jamaica Street gaff to see what you can pick up.


Tomorrow night, if you’re in Bristol, you could do worse than wander along to check out the Bristol Design Festival, lots of designy stuff going on obviously, but the matryoshka army project is interesting. Lots of those russian dolls that fit into each other, painted by the following folk.

Mr Jago, FLX, Goer, Epok, Sepr, Cheba, Afeks, Hakah, Lobb, Zesk, Sarah Jane, Zier, Dora, Heidi Gough, Tom Albinal, Lokey, Iria, Jedi, Lauren Millington, Nik Ill, Daddison, Millie Gleeson, Cheo, 3Dom, Poer

Possibly by some accounts meant to be opening down at the Old Fire Station on Friday, but their blog seems to say that there might actually be an opening of them down at 35 King Street (near the Old Duke) tonight too. Actually, the blog seems to say the dolls part of the show will be at 35 King Street the whole time. And also at the Old Fire Station. Who knows. Our money’s on this one being at the King Street address. The design festival itself is definitely at the Old Fire Station though.

meeting of styles

If you’re closer to London, also starting on Friday is a really good looking event, End of the Line presents Meeting of Styles. Tons of writers, tons of tunes, all over by Brick Lane in trendy Shoreditch. Here’s the lineup;

Nash, Does, Biser, Wany, Aryz, Heat, Nychos, Bird, Inkie, Probs, Zomby, Tizer, Zadok, Bleach, Bonzai, Insa, Solo, Busk, Twesh, Odisie, Roid, Snug, Skore, Aztek, Ekto, Sune, Xenz, Izer, Are, Stika, Teck, Rabodiga, Vibes, Town, Chrome, Intro, Replete, Cheo, Soker, Casm, Wisher, Jive, Sorn, Noir, Urge, Keen, Pryme, Mac1, Krah, Sick IR, Sares, Cosh, Jasik, Alfa, Relay, Pref, Mau Mau, Shok, Skire, Ebzke, Amuk.

They’re all over the web with info, so check out their blog if you want to know more. Epic.

Incidentally, if you’re in London, Rowdy’s show opened last night, and seems to have been promoted by a pretty cool van touring the city sometime recently.

rowdy croc van
rowdy van 2

upfest logo

Of course though, the big one if you’re in Bristol this weekend is Upfest. Massive lineup from all sorts of styles and backgrounds, should be packed out. They’ve got a really nice website too, so check that out for all the info.

POsterstartv2 copy.indd

Looking a bit further ahead, the Friend and Co Gallery are heading south of the river for a bit for a big show down at the Spotted Cow in Bedminster on the 11th of June. The line up for it so far includes;

Acerone, Andy Council, China Mike, Eko, Faris Badwan, French, Inkie, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Paris, Pinky, Richt, Sainty, Sickboy, 45rpm

and there’s more info on their blog.

woc image

Also opening this month is the next Weapon of Choice Gallery group show, with the current show closing this Sunday. The gallery’s looking really good, and the next show looks like another top lineup.

Weapon of Choice Gallery’s 2nd installment of some of Bristol & the UK’s finest.

Saturday 13th June 5-10pm. Free entry
Exhibition runs until the Sunday 5th July 2009

14 St Michael’s Hill Bristol BS2 8DT

Artists include:
Ben Normanton
Dirty 30 (Brighton)
Dylan Shipley
Jonathan Farr
Julian Kimmings
King Audel (france)
Mick Hockney
Si2 (Hull)
Rory Doona
Turroe + special guest?

Facebook event:

They’ve also got a colouring book coming out by Cheo in September it seems, sounds like a perfect bit of early xmas shopping if you know any little people, or little people who’ve since got big.

Last thing for this month so far, there’s strong talk going round of Glostonbury happening again later this month up at the Golden Lion on the Gloucester Road. Last year looked like a large one, sounds like the same’s being lined up again.

Oh yeah, and Banksy‘s got a show coming up too.

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What’s Next Then?

Part of the reason this blog was set up was to show people there’s more to Bristol graf than Banksy, so, whilst today doubtless brings more rumour and speculation on his upcoming show, what else is coming up?

Well, first up, Rowdy’s got a solo show opening on the 4th June (with private view night 3rd June), running through to the 22nd June, at ‘Sartorial Contemporary Art‘ in London (WC1H 8AP). Sounds dead posh, but looks like it should be good. Here’s their blurb with it…


In his first major London solo show the King of Crocs showcases his diverse talent at Sartorial Contemporary Art. Expect to see Rowdy’s unique take on urban living and landscape in the form of his legendary boulders, abstract cityscapes and of course the ubiquitous crocs.

Bricks and mortar may mean money and mortgages to some but Rowdy prefers his building blocks in their raw state. ‘The local quarry provides the bedrock for our roads and cities’ says the artist. ‘I hit the rocks before they reach their destiny of becoming our new urban spaces’. Simultaneously caveman-esque and contemporary, the cartoon monoliths have been described as ‘Ren & Stimpy meets Goldsworthy’. Their arrival in the urban landscape provides jarring juxtaposition.

His Cityscape paintings show Skyscrapers constructed out of the tiniest marks a spray can can make, reminiscent of T.S Lowry’s ‘matchstick men’, combined with 1980’s graffiti fades. Some are hectic, others more meditative. Highly sought after, this accomplished series offers nuances and subtleties both in style and substance, often somewhat lacking in today’s saturated street art market.

Continuing the narrative of City versus The Ancient; Rowdy’s trademark crocodiles are often huge in scale and are indicative of the playful nature of the imagery in his work, and long may we continue to see these King-sized crocs attacking our walls and lurking in the concrete swamps. The last few years have seen him collaborate with cohorts Cyclops & Sweet Toof resulting in one of the most widespread bombing campaigns seen in the UK’s capital in the last decade.

‘Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin, he’s imagining how well you’d fit within his skin…’

They’ve also got some photos on their site of the Burning Candy show in Leeds last year if you fancy a gander.

Next up, there’s the Bristol Design Festival (5th – 11th June), which isn’t massively graf based, but has a competition called ‘Grafikea’ where you can customise an Ikea table (crying out for someone to enter it with a table covered in tagging). They’ve also been getting various design and graf types to customise a set of those russian doll things which will be auctioned off. Last year had this lot getting their paint on, should be a good turnout this time round.

BDF graf

They’re linking up with an expanded Upfest this year (6th  and 7th June at the Tobacco Factory and to a smaller degree at the Grain Barge). Again it’s not an entirely graf type event, but in amongst the photoshop and stencils, a good contingent of graf artists seem to have sneaked there way onto the bill, and photos will be all over Flickr before you know it. Definitely worth checking out.

Finally, not an event as such, but something with a date attached. PRSC have found themselves entered for an award with Voscur (“an infrastructure organisation and a development agency for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Bristol”) to be recognised as the best ‘voluntary and community sector campaign’ in Bristol 2009.

All very wordy, but if everyone reading this blog gave them a vote, they’d doubtless rinse it, so go on, won’t take a minute. It’s open til the 29th May, so click here to submit your vote.

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Cheo, 3Dom and Stokes Croft – An Apology!

Thanks for Growler for sending this in, seems Jan Ormondroyd, the Council Chief Exec, has issued a speedy and full apology for painting out the Cheo and 3Dom piece on Stokes Croft the other day. Here’s the chat…

Thank you for contacting me regarding the mural in Stokes Croft.
I have looked into the matter thoroughly and have issued the following official statement to publicly apologise for the mistake.
I would like to thank you again for taking the time to contact me and I would like to assure you that Bristol City Council takes
this matter very seriously and are committed to putting it right.

Yours sincerely

Jan Ormondroyd
Chief Executive

Statement from Bristol City Council

We would like to apologise for the removal of a mural in Stokes Croft by our graffiti clean up team.

The mural was removed following a complaint to the council from a member of the public.
However, as this mural was on a privately owned building, the council should have made contact with the owner first to seek permission before removing it and this was unfortunately not done.

We will be speaking to the owner to explain the situation and to discuss how the error can be put right.

Well, that’s a turn up for books isn’t it. Not only the right response, but a speedy one too!

Interestingly, and contrary to the policy, she seems to suggest that the council does in fact need a property owner’s permission before removing graffiti, although it isn’t mentioned what would happen if the owner says no.

Still though, as odd as it feels to press this combination of keys, well done Bristol City Council. Will be interesting to see what happens next once they’ve spoken to the owner, watch that space!


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Cheo And 3Dom Buffed By The Council, PRSC Not Happy…

Blogging’s been light of late, sorry about that. This has come in from the good people at The People’s Republic Of Stokes Croft though, and potentially has repercussions for graf all over the city.

In short, a production by Cheo and 3Dom, both obviously having recently painted the walls of the RWA, has been painted out by the council without permission.

Here’s the backstory to the photos below from PRSC.

The work was done with the express permission of the property owner, and the council were made aware of this on Friday, yet on Monday the piece was painted over. PRSC has been working to promote Stokes Croft as an outdoor gallery. Whilst Bristol City Council has been making noises about wanting to work with the community, their behavior seems to be negative, antagonistic, and certainly unacceptable…This kind of behavior has been going on for over two years now.

Here’s what it was before the council got to it…


…here’s how the council used our money to ‘improve the streetscene for the community’…


…and here’s the reaction of PRSC.


So, if you want to register a complaint about the council painting over work that a building owner had apparently given permission for, then PRSC would like you to email the council’s chief exec  –

Given there’s about to be council elections in a few weeks time, it might be worth emailing councillors about this too. This part of this fair city falls under the responsibility of Cllrs Alex Woodman and Mark Wright. The latter is currently seeking re-election.

The thing is, if the council can paint out work on private property when the property owner has given permission for the original work to be done, then nothing’s safe is it. They’ve said before that these things are done as accidents, but whether they are or not, they can’t keep on happening.


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Next Temwa Auction Coming Up

Temwa’s a top charity that for a long time has shown some love to the Bristol graf scene, and it’s not been a one way thing either. After the success of the last one last year, they’ve got another auction night coming up featuring a lot of familiar names to the blog, all donating pieces to be auctioned to raise money for the charity.

Here’s the flyer for the visual angle…


…and the chat for those with screen readers and the like.

After a successful event in July 2008, Temwa is back with:

‘Art for Africa’

Street Art Auction

Thursday April 23rd
Attic Bar, Stokes Croft, Bristol.
From 7pm

Featuring some of Bristol’s world-renowned street artists,
this exciting event will raise money for Temwa’s
sustainable community-based projects in Malawi, Africa…

Among the canvasses exhibited and auctioned will be new
pieces by:

• Mr Jago
• Paris
• Dicy
• Will Barras
• Piro
• Mr Parker
• Seza
• Mr Riks
• Retro Boy
• Fernando Alves
• Cheba
• Nikill
• Lokey
• Cheo
• Felix ‘Flx’ Braun
• Tom Moore
• High Renaissance

And if that wasn’t enough, revellers will also be
entertained by classic soul, funk and hiphop from the
Monster Piece DJs and The Disco Two.

Entry is free and raffle tickets cost just £1.00 each….

All art works has been donated and it is only through the
generosity of our supporting artists that we are able to
organise what will be an exceptional evening. Remember,
100% of proceeds raised will go directly to Temwa.

About Temwa:

Temwa’s objective is to help build a sustainable future for
the people of Malawi through community-based projects.
Temwa is working with the people of Malawi, enabling
them to become self sufficient and giving them hope for
their families’ futures.

For more information about Temwa please visit

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